Not allowed on anything besides his dog bed (the giant bean bag chair covered in a furry blue blanket).


He has trouble keeping it down, so don't leave water around where he can get it, unless you're taking him outside immediately afterward. The rule otherwise is less water, more often.


He gets a heaping 2 cups per day.

As with water, it's hard for him to keep food down. To let gravity help, we make him sit and eat small handfuls.

In the morning, he gets almost half the food, one handful at a time. The longer you can keep him sitting and waiting for the next handful, the better.

In the early evening, he gets the other almost-half. Leave a small handful for bedtime.


In the morning, he gets one full Soloxine (to supplement thyroid) and 1.5 Pepcid (to control acid). Give each pill with a kibble or three so you can make sure it gets into the dog and not onto the floor.

In the early evening, he gets another Soloxine with dinner.

At bedtime, he gets another 1.5 Pepcid with the remaining few kibbles.


At the farm, he can take care of himself off-leash.

At home, after a meal, take him for a postprandial stroll around the neighborhood. There's a roll of plastic bags on his leash. You'll usually need one. Drop it in the purpose-specific trash can on your way back inside.


More food is in the garage. It's California Natural Lamb & Rice, small chunks. It's sold at T&T (on Walnut, just south of Bloomington South High School)

More rolls of plastic bags are in the same kitchen cabinet with the food.

For barfs, many, many paper towels are in the top of the upper cabinet to the right of the sink. Wipes



Not allowed on kitchen table or counters. If you see him killing upholstery, distract him into doing something else.


To limit Haskell's access to water, Paul has his own water dish high up, next to his food. It's small, so it needs frequent refilling.


It's an "automatic" feeder. If it gets stuck, give it a tap.


Paul requires warmth, cuddles, and here and there a little recreational killing. Administer freely.


More food is in the garage. It's Orijen Six Fish (the one for cats, not dogs; that's also in the garage and looks really similar). It's sold at T&T as well.


We won't always be reachable. If either animal needs medical attention, do whatever you would do for a loved one. Cost is of no concern to us, and we will repay you promptly.

College Mall Veterinarians

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  • 4517 E. Morningside Drive, Bloomington, IN 47408