How to choose a mover?

  • they visit my apartment in person
  • they estimate based on weight (not cubic feet of truck space)
  • they provide a copy of the written estimate
  • they provide a copy of the order of service
  • they provide a copy of Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move (required by federal law to do so)
  • they will provide a copy of the "Bill of Lading":
    • on pick-up
    • on delivery
  • they aren't bad news according to
  • "binding not-to-exceed estimate"
    • if binding, I will need cashier's check at delivery
    • unless they accept credit card
  • if non-binding, no more than 110% on delivery
  • get five separate estimates and distrust outliers

How to pack?

  • label boxes' contents on the side (not the top)
  • label "fragile" for fragile stuff
  • watch the (packing and) loading in order to sign the inventory sheet

How to treat the movers kindly?

  • provide coffee and water
  • if it takes a long time, provide food (pizza, sandwiches, quick stuff)
  • if they did fine, tip $20 per person
  • if they did astoundingly great, up to $100 per person

Questions I have

What costs are included in the quote?

  • "long carry" charge if street parking unavailable?
  • parking ticket?
  • "flight charge" for two flights of stairs at pick-up?
  • "linehaul charge" based on mileage and weight, on top of estimate
  • boxes for me to use?
  • what if you guys pack the boxes?
  • hours worked? hours traveled?
  • number of workers?
  • furniture wrapping?
  • tips?
  • tolls?
  • gas?

  • Roadway:

    • pick up on the 20th
    • deliver 25th-27th
    • pay by credit card the whole way through
      • no fees, even at delivery
      • United/Visa doesn't offer additional protection beyond rental insurance
    • Jeffrey warns me that the contract wording contradicts the proposal I have
    • "the proposal overrides", he says
    • sending the contract for review
      • my email address is still wrong
      • my name is Amitai Schlair, her name is Rebekka Dohme
      • switch phone numbers for pick-up and delivery
      • "estimate information: ...boxes & labor for packing boxes are not included"
      • "packing containers and materials are your property"
  • Horizon:
    • pick up on the 20th
    • deliver 25th-29th
    • tractor trailer "carrier" he coordinates with (not the dedicated truck option)
    • pay by credit card with 5% processing fee
    • pay by certified check with no fee
    • either way, pay the last $2k at delivery
    • warning me about Roadway because Yelp

MileagePlus card: * benefits: 1 800 685 6938 * dispute: 1 888 489 8472


  • spoke with them: very friendly, great website, offer full service and economy service (you pack), you can fill out an online quote form for a 2+ bedroom apartment


  • filled out an online quote form - will forward to you when I receive it

Upack online quote

  • their service is presumably "cheaper" because they have you pack up - they simply move. You can pay for them to load and unload though
  • endorsed by

what not to use

  • actually provides lists of ENDORSED companies (confused me at first)
  • don't use Allied, according to sis's boss who said it's horrible
  • here's an actual link saying what to avoid in NYC
  • don't go with brokers!! go with actual movers!!
  • "binding not to exceed" is scam, according to Sandy, they will tell you that on the phone but when they come to get your signature they have crossed out the quote in the papers....
  • quoting by cubic foot is illegal in 43 states apparently and should not be trusted
  • quoting by pounds is also tricky: the best thing to do (according to Sandy) is to have a fixed truck size that will fit everything (basically what she's offering) so that no one can tell you "it was more than we expected" or something like that - makes sense to me

Shea Moving

  • these people have 5 star reviews on Yelp
  • endorsed by
  • free quote: 718-932-1204


  • recommended by sis's boss

Horizon Moving, Inc.

  • great reviews on Yelp
  • 212/486-6683
    • Avi is Israeli and was pleased by my name
    • coming around 1:30-2pm

Binding Price Moving

  • great YP reviews
  • actually just looked at reviews more closely: anything with only either 5 stars or 1 star looks fishy to me, like hired people are writing the 5 stars, or, as one of the reviews suggests, like deals are being made to disallow bad reviews.. maybe this isn't so good afterall
  • Herbert sounds very friendly in his message. Call him back at: 212 221 1577
  • you can fill out an online inventory form here


  • long, explicit and informative conversation with Sandy: call her back at 954 944 3300 ext 206
  • one guaranteed large truck which will be yours
  • $3335 loading and unloading, placing, packing up furniture, disassempling, reassembling, discarding all trash and packing materials
  • she can give you a guaranteed price because she's giving you the largest truck she has, so it's already hitting the ceiling - something to consider for when others give you quotes
  • 2 day delivery
  • not packing boxes - you boxes, but number boxes for movers to know where to put them
  • can't come for a personal quote because placed in FL but as noted up above, she is giving you her most expensive option anyway
  • many of the "what not to do"s are from her
  • Better Business Bureau Rating A-

Roadway Moving

  • package and protect furniture
  • BBB Rating A
  • 5 star rating on moverreviews
  • Ken Chien: 212/812-5240 ext 27
  • set up a walk through today when you ask for Ken
  • Yelp Review kinda iffy
    • over-the-phone ballpark: $3-$4k (depending on who does the packing)
    • 23rd should be just fine
    • when they give a quote, it's "guaranteed"
    • 6pm: Jeffrey

All Star Moving

  • endorsed by
  • great reviews on Yelp
  • fixed transport: 4395: direct, expedited move, delivery within 2 days
  • two guy
  • hourly rate: up and unload taking into account how many people (ex. 215 per hour for 5, 110 per hour 2 men)
    • how about by weight?
  • total: 6000
  • call and ask for Rodney: 718 643 4705
    • out today, call again in the morning

Moovers, Inc.

  • recommended strongly on that discussion thread
  • 2013/10/12 filled out online form asking to be visited
  • Yelp
    • coming Wednesday 12:30-1:30pm

Do not use

  • A One Van Lines
    • here's why not
    • Gene has emailed (I forwarded it to you) and called me now. You can call him back at: 718 404 9176
  • (?)
    • John Levine just called me - a very friendly guy who could come by tomorrow and check out your place
    • they provide all the services - anything you're willing to pay for
    • based in Wash Heights and waiting for you to call him, if you're interested: 516 864 6747
    • why not:
      • this must have been "914M Moving" with Kevin O'Neill
      • a little ADD and I had a hard time believing him
      • later, super pushy by text
      • not comfortable trusting him on price or care with my stuff
  • Out of State Movers